Questions fréquentes

Why do we insist on a phone assessment?

There are several reasons: (1) It’s more thorough. People tend to give less information typing than they would speaking, and we want as much information as possible in order to make the best decisions (2) It’s more efficient. When you have questions or we need additional clarity it's a lot faster to gain further clarity on the phone rather than waiting on email or chat responses. (3) It provides an opportunity to give you feedback on how to address a resume point in your interview.

Can I still get a resume if I'm not able to speak on the phone?

Absolutely, for clients who need additional communication accessibility, we offer online chat assessments. Generally the assessment may be an additional 30 minutes to account for our Assessment Advisor’s typing. For this option email us at

Is there a discount if I need multiple resumes?

Yes, you can save up to $129 for each additional resume. As all of our resume services include an assessment which is $79, if you need additional resumes you will only need one assessment. Be sure to let the assessment team know that you are considering multiple resumes even if your plan is to purchase the additional resume at a later time. In addition to the assessment savings, receive an additional discount of $50 for each additional resume.

Is there a lower cost resume for someone new to the workforce?

All of our resumes are priced by experience or career level so those with the least experience will pay less; in addition we offer affordable installment plans for all of our resume packages. We suggest you take advantage of our STRATAGEM Assessment Package in which will review your resume and provide insight, strategies, and proofing. It is available to all career levels, and if you decide to purchase a resume package within 3 months of your assessment purchase we deduct the full cost of the assessment package. Find out more about our STRATAGEM Assessment Package here.

How am I billed for installment plans?

You pay the first installment when you purchase the plan. Then your payment method is automatically debited in installment intervals depending on your installment plan. Your services begin as soon as you make the first payment. Click here to see installment plans.

Why do resume packages cost more based on experience?

More experience equates to more information for our assessment advisers to disseminate during your session, more time for resume writers to formulate your resume, and will require more input from industry experts. We offset the additional expense with included add-on services. Click here to see our packages.

What is an Assessment Advisor and why do I have to meet with one?

Our Assessment Advisors have a specialized skillset in which they ask in-depth specific questions that allow us to get to the heart of your experience, career options, and qualifications that set you apart. They also ascertain details that help identify metrics, statistics, and specifics about your experience that separates your resume as solid experience as opposed to lofty descriptions and sets you resume apart.

If I buy the assessment package and later decide to upgrade to a resume package do I get a discount?

Yes! As every resume package includes an assessment we will deduct the price of the assessment package from your resume package if you purchase a resume package within 90 days of purchase of your assessment package. Use Coupon Code StratagemFirst with the purchase of any resume package within that 90 day period. You must provide the same email address for both the assessment package and the resume package. Call us at 240-219-2440 or reach out to your assessment advisor for more information.

If I am changing careers, should I purchase a package for a lower experience level?

Resumes that are designed for career changes generally employ a strategy to use your previous experience and deduce relevance to your ideal career change. Therefore if you have experience use it and choose the package for the amount of experience you want to include although it might seem irrelevant. For additional clarity, call to speak to an advisor for more information.

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